Why Creston?

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Creston Valley Bird Fest 2015

Where the Birds Are - a celebration of the art, the agriculture, and the birds of the Creston Valley

Summary of Birding Tour Observations

The birding tours for the Creston Valley Bird Fest that occurred on May 9, 2015 were well attended.  The weather was fantastic.  The tours were conducted on the western side of the Creston Valley, mainly at these locations:
  • Trails in Corn Creeks Marsh near the interpretive centre at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA).
  • Balancing Rock Trail
  • Leach Lake (CVWMA)
  • Duck Lake (CVWMA)
  • Mawson Lake Area
A total of 109 species were seen.  Three of these are rare for the valley or for May:  Solitary Sandpiper, Semipalmated Sandpiper and Vesper Sparrow.  Last year there were 7 rare species, mainly because the cattle pond on Kootenay River Road hosted several types of shorebirds.  It is dry this year.

A few interesting non-birds were seen, including several River Otters, Grizzly Bear, White-tailed Deer and Elk.

The following table summarizes the observations for the 7 birding tours.  The species list and abundance estimates were derived from Creston Valley Birds:  When and Where to Find Them by Linda M. Van Damme (2012).

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