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Summary of Birding Tour Observations

The birding tours for the Creston Valley Bird Fest, which occurred on May 10-11, were well attended.
They were conducted on the western side of the Creston valley, mainly at these locations:
  • Trails in Corn Creek Marsh near the interpretive centre at Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA),
  • Balancing Rock trail
  • Kootenay River Road
  • Leach Lake (CVWMA)
  • Duck Lake (CVWMA)
  • Nicks’s Island Road North

A total of 108 species were seen. Seven of these are rare for the valley or for May. Several of these species were observed on Kootenay River Road in a flooded cattle pasture. In 2013, birding tour observers saw 91 species, but they didn’t see any of the rare birds seen in 2014.

The table at the link below summarizes the observations for the 11 birding tours conducted on May 10 and 11, 2014. The species list and abundance estimates were derived from Creston Valley Birds: When and Where to Find Them by Linda M. Van Damme (2012).

Click here for the table of Species Observed May 10-11, 2014 - Creston Valley Bird Fest

Species Abundance:

Bold: Species are Abundant or Common

Not bold: Species are uncommon

Red: Species are rare for the valley or season


Some of the highlights of the 2014 Bird Fest were:

  • Keynote speaker Dave Quinn, CBC radio’s “outdoor adventure guy.”
  • Photography workshop hosted by well-known West Kootenay photographer Jim Lawrence.
  • Raptor specialist Brian Baxter from Libby Montana.
  • Returning bird experts Dr. Rick Page, Daryl Calder, Pat Michell, Ed and Hazel Beynon, Peter Wood and Peter McIver led Saturday and Sunday morning birding tours.
  • A variety of valley events along with several activities for children.
  • New this year, was something called “Biologist in your Back Yard”. On Sunday, Ed McMackin offered to visit your back yard and identify all those mystery birds, butterflies, plants, and wild animals.
  • And of course, more food, wine, cheese and juice all from the Creston Valley.