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2019 Schedule of Events

Please stay tuned as many more events will be added.

Friday, May 10th, 2019

Friday Night Presentation

Where:  Casey's Community House

Creston Valley Bird Fest Friday Night Speaker:

Gary Davidson, Nakusp, BC
What do Peregrine Falcons, Cattle Egrets, and Barn Owls have in common? 
Blame the MacGillivray’s Warbler for tweaking Gary Davidson’s lifelong interest in birds.  These days, Gary lives most of the time in Nakusp, but prefers to escape to someplace warmer in the winter.  In recent years he has wintered in Texas, Australia, Costa Rica and Panama. When in Nakusp he monitors the birds of the West Kootenay region. He has conducted over 30 years of Breeding Bird Surveys, greatly contributed to the B.C. Nest Record Scheme, taught bird I.D. classes, published numerous articles, guided with Avocet Tours and has coordinated the Nakusp Christmas Bird Count for over 40 years. He is currently the vice president of the BC Field Ornithologists. When in Australia, Gary has guided bird tours and worked as a naturalist/guide at a birding lodge in North Queensland. He has combined his passion for birds with his love of travel. Since retiring from his career as a high school teacher, he and his wife, Marie, have visited Australia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Thailand, Taiwan, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Namibia. This man knows birds. 

Friday Night Field Trips


Please dress warmly. It’s cold near the water.  A warm jacket & long underwear are a good idea! Headlamps optional. Sundown 8:15, dark at 9:00 pm.

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Saturday Birding Tours
6:30 am to 10:30 am

Guided birding trips with biologists and naturalists from around the Kootenays.
Birding tours via kayak, bicycle, and van to be announced.  
Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Sunday Birding Tours
6:30 am to 10:30 am

Guided birding trips with biologists and naturalists from around the Kootenays.
Birding tours via kayak, bicycle, and van to be announced.  

Valley Events

More Valley events and photography workshop to be announced.

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. David Bird
“Watching Birds Naked”    
Saturday, May 11, 2019 7-9:00 pm
Prince Charles Secondary School (PCSS) Auditorium 

Are birds really "bird-brains"?  Do they taste "good"?  Can eagles really see farther than humans?  Why are most owls as blind as we are on a dark night?  How does a kestrel use ultraviolet light to catch mice?  Which birds smell the best? These are just some of the questions that Dr. David Bird will answer in his humourous but educational slide show on the sensory ecology of birds.  Remove those beautiful coats of feathers and you'll discover that birds have some of the most incredible physical and physiological adaptations to keep them in tune with their environment and with each other. Once you've heard Dr. Bird's talk, you'll never look at birds in the same way again.

About David M. Bird:   As an Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Biology of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Dr. Bird has published close to 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers and supervised 50 graduate students on a wide range of wildlife themes, most recently the application of UAVs (drones) to wildlife research and conservation.

Until his retirement to Vancouver Island in 2013, he taught several university-level courses, including ornithology, wildlife conservation, animal behaviour, and scientific/public communication.  He has written and/or edited ten books, the most recent ones being Pocket Birds of Canada in 2016 and the second edition of Birds of Canada in 2017. 

Dr. Bird is a past-president of both the Raptor Research Foundation Inc. and the Society of Canadian Ornithologists, as well as an elected Fellow of both the American Ornithologists Society, the International Ornithological Union and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He currently sits on the boards of Bird Studies Canada and Unmanned Systems Canada, an organization dedicated to the use of unmanned vehicles. 

Besides his innumerable public lectures and radio, television and newspaper appearances, Dr. Bird was a regular columnist on birds for The Montreal Gazette for almost three decades. He continues to write a bird column for both BirdWatcher's Digest and Canadian Wildlife magazines and does a biweekly video blog for Brome Bird News.  In 2017, the Society of Canadian Ornithologists gave him the Doris Spiers Award for outstanding lifetime contributions to Canadian ornithology.